5 Facts about LATEX BALLOON that you didn’t know!

Latex balloons are one of the most varied and popular balloons that do as much for your décor as they do for the environment. From plain to printed, latex balloons can do it all. Here are 5 interesting facts about these dynamic decorations –

Latex balloons shatter at 26,000 feet

Wonder where your latex balloons go when you release one into the wild? Up, up, away! At a height of 26,000 the balloon freezes and breaks into a million pieces that scatter onto earth. Did you know that animals and fish can eat these particles and not be harmed?


Latex comes from trees

If you’ve ever wondered where your balloons come from it’s from rubber trees mainly in tropical countries. Latex, a milky sap, is collected by cutting the trees bark and the dripping latex is then collected in buckets. Don’t worry, extracting latex doesn’t hurt the tree at all.


Latex balloons are #1 choice for…

Latex balloons are the most popular balloons to print on. Whether you’re looking for printed balloons for parties or just for fun, go latex. High-quality and flexible, they are the perfect canvas for your personalized balloons!


Buying latex balloons helps the earth

Latex balloons are made of all-natural substances and are completely eco-friendly. Since rubber grows on trees, latex harvesting helps reduce deforestation and provides employment opportunities in developing countries. So, buy latex balloons and help preserve the rain forest. Thanks for helping out!


Latex balloons are 100% biodegradable

Latex balloons are fun, cheap, and 100% biodegradable! Your balloons can breakdown naturally in sunlight or water and are not related to plastic at ALL. In fact, under the right environmental conditions, latex balloons degrade at the same rate as leaves from an oak tree.

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