Celebrate Chinese New Year with Balloons! (Balloon Firecracker)

It’s 2021 and the year of the ox! We’re sure many are having fun with firecrackers and sparklers at night but how about something for the day time? Why not celebrate with something fun especially for Chinese New Year but you’re using balloons instead?
Have you ever heard of balloon “fire” crackers? 🤔


What is a balloon “fire” cracker?

We’re glad you asked! If you’ve watched the DIY Wonder Class tutorial video from Wonder Balloons, you will see this little equipment we used to create a fun balloon cracker that’s perfect for Chinese New Year!

Balloon firecrackers are a fresh and updated version of the traditional firecrackers that have been deemed unfit and dangerous for all and banned in most of the world. Instead, balloon firecrackers are a safe and reliable solution to celebrate any occasion with some excitement, sound and fun.

Balloon firecrackers work on the simple principle of balloons popping consecutively and quickly creating a sense of thrill and excitement. The best part about using the balloon firecrackers is that it does not use any harmful chemicals or use fire to work, instead is made out of simple inflated balloons which go popping. This also means they are super pocket friendly, economical and easy to use.

What do I have to do?

  1. It all starts with getting plenty of balloons. Typically 150 balloons will be a good length. The more balloons, the better.
  2. Ensure you have a long string or ribbon as you’ll be tying the balloons together.
  3. Ensure you have a good amount of space to pop all those balloons. We did ours right outside the office. Avoid direct sunlight and tar roads.
  4. An electric pump helps save time. Inflate all the latex balloons to about 12 inches at least.
  5. You may either tie a quad of balloons or 3 balloons. We used 3 balloons in a cluster for this tutorial.
  6. Give yourself time to prepare all the balloons, again with a lot of space. These balloons are big and take up a lot of room!
  7. Once they are tied together, stretch them out as they might curve in. A straight chain of balloons will be easier to handle and pop.
  8. Once you’ve brought the balloons to your desired area to pop, ensure your string/ribbon is long enough for you to put through the hole of the balloon cracker equipment. You will be pulling them through the hole.
  9. Have someone hold the base of the equipment and one to pull. Start pulling fast!
  10. Have fun watching your balloons pop!



Want to get your own balloon “fire” cracker equipment?


If you are looking for help in making a decision that you can be happy with, all that you need to do is pick up the phone and give us a call. We can help you to create the joyous decoration that you need to make the whole evening feel as grandiose and as optimistic as it can. That’s because we don’t sell Balloons – We create JOY!


Purchase your own balloon cracker equipment through Lazada or through our website

Choose to be safe this Chinese New Year as you have fun as well. 🤩 👌



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