Wonder Balloons DIY Balloon Garland Kit

Wonder Balloons DIY Balloon Garland Kit

Say hello to the coolest DIY kit in town! It’s none other than Wonder Balloons DIY Garland Kit! So why exactly do you need this kit? For parties of course! One of the must-have items are balloon decorations. They are the main reason to a lively party.

But aren’t normal helium balloons enough for a party? Of course not! A balloon garland not only makes a great decoration for your at home party but a good photo spot for friends and family too. The DIY Garland Kit is not only affordable but fun to put together! A great activity for you and your kids to do together while setting up for your party.



Is it difficult to set up the garland kit?

Not at all! The DIY Garland Kit only has 4 items in total – The balloons of different sizes, balloon hand pump, balloon chain and balloon dots. Inflate the balloons, attach it to the balloon chain and stick on more balloons using the dot tape at the end to complete your garland look.

What makes Wonder Balloons DIY Balloon Garland Kit unique?

It’s environmentally friendly: Each latex balloon is 100% biodegradable. It is also made from high quality Thailand rubber that is used by professionals for balloon decorations at events.

Smart Accessories: We have some smart tools (Balloon dot tape & balloon chain) prepared for you so you can create various types of balloon arches and garlands.

Minimal effort: The given hand pump makes it easy to pump your balloons without much effort and putting a strain on your hands.

Fit for all occasions: We have different types of garland themes for you to choose from! From Mickey mouse to a more elegant theme, we have it all to fit your party theme.

Tons of support: We’ve also prepared a video for to refer to at the bottom to set up your garland without any worries at home!


Where can I purchase the kit?

You can purchase the kit from our Website Balloon Shop Malaysia , Shopee and Lazada.

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