DIY Wonder Class: How to Add a Foil Balloon Inside the Bubble Balloon

DIY Wonder Class: How to Add a Foil Balloon Inside the Bubble Balloon

How to Add a Foil Balloon Inside the Bubble Balloon

The bubble or Bobo Balloon is always fun to work with and makes great gifts whether it be for someone or for your balloon business. Do you want to get creative with your bobo or bubble balloon? Let’s learn the easy steps to this tutorial.

What Items Will You Need?

  1. Foil balloon – (any size as long as it is smaller than your bubble balloon). The foil balloon we used was an 18″ printed heart foil balloon.
  2. Bubble balloon – (bubble balloon). The bubble balloon we used is a 24″ bubble balloon to ensure there is enough space for the foil balloon to be inflated inside it.
  3. Hand pump – A regular hand pump that you can inflate the foil balloon with
  4. Electric pump – The electric pump is definitely recommended as it makes it easier to inflate the bubble balloon.
  5. Foil balloon cup and stick – The most appropriate stick and cup holder is the foil balloon cup and stick that’s sized at 40cm.

Let’s begin!

  1. Firstly, take the 24″ bubble balloon, roll the valve slightly so that it’s easier to inflate the balloon with the electric pump.
  2. After inflating the bubble balloon (about 10″ big), you may tie your bubble balloon with the end of a latex balloon that’s snipped off.
  3. Next, lay your bubble balloon aside. Then roll your foil balloon from both ends towards the middle (you may refer to our tutorial video for this).
  4. After you’ve rolled the foil balloon, start to insert it into the bubble balloon but not all the way.
  5. Check to see that the valve of the foil balloon sticks out of the bubble balloon.
  6. If air comes out of the bubble balloon, don’t worry as you can always inflate it again.
  7. Hold onto the valve of the foil balloon and shake it around allowing it to unfold inside the bubble balloon.
  8. The trick is to unfold the foil balloon as much as you can while it’s inside the bubble balloon.
  9. Once you’ve unfolded it, take your hand pump and start to slowly inflate the foil balloon.
  10. Keep inflating the bubble balloon slowly with air using the electric pump to ensure the foil balloon has enough space.
  11. Repeat the steps as necessary until your foil balloon is fully inflated and seal its valve.
  12. Once that’s done, pull the valve of the foil balloon so that the foil balloon is snug to the bottom of the bubble balloon.
  13. Proceed to wrap and tie the valve of both bubble and foil balloon with a rubber band tightly.
  14. Take your foil balloon cup and place your bubble balloon over it.

Your Foil and Bubble Balloon is done!

It’s quite simple to follow along and allows you to be creative with both your foil and bubble balloon. Do ensure that your bubble balloon is also inflated to its right size (in this case, it’s sized at 24″) before you tie everything up.

Play around with the types of foil balloons you want to include inside the bubble balloon. You will just need to be extra careful with Foil Alphabets and Numbers as they have a complex shape when trying to unfold. Other than that, you can certainly try it out and practice for yourself at home. If tied correctly and tightly, your balloon can last up to a month!

Foil balloon inside bubble balloon

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