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DIY Wonder Class: How to Make a Balloon Arch (using the Balloon Arch Set)

The Balloon Arch

Have you ever noticed these balloon arches when you walk past a grand opening of a store or even any special events? The trendy and eye-catching balloon arch decoration may seem daunting to create, however, we at Wonder Balloons are here to assist you with the steps to create a simple balloon arch. Easily learn how to make your own balloon arch with the help of a few things we have here at Wonder Balloons!


What should I know about the balloon arch?

Firstly, the balloon arch actually comes in various shapes and sizes. One important to know is that you would have to use quality latex balloons. This is especially if you want your arches to stand out vibrantly and last throughout your event. The quality latex balloons we use at Wonder Balloons are perfect for balloon arches and will last whether it be indoors or outdoors.

Should I use helium for the balloon arch?

Because a balloon arch stand set is being used, no helium gas is required. The balloons are best suited with regular air which can be inflated using an electric pump to make the process much easier and quicker.

How long does it take to make a balloon arch?

It’s best to allocate enough time when preparing to make a balloon arch. At least an hour is required as there will be a lot of balloons to inflate (which is according to the size of your balloon arch). Be sure to plan your time wisely as you’re creating your balloon arch.

How long will the balloon arch last?

If you’re using quality latex balloons from us at Wonder Balloons, these balloon arches can last for a week or more. This is of course if there aren’t anything that might disturb the balloon arch (such as bad weather or people constantly touching the arch). Nevertheless, the arch will certainly last for quite a while.


Items you will need

Now that you have the items ready, let’s go through the steps in creating your balloon arch!

Steps to create the balloon arch

  1. Gather all your latex balloons according to the colour theme for your event.
  2. Using the electric pump, inflate the 12″ latex balloons and tie them into clusters (4 balloons makes one cluster).
  3. It’s easier to inflate all the balloons you will need. Roughly an arch will use 100-200 balloons or so, depending on the size of your balloon arch.
  4. Once the balloons are all inflated, ensure you have a clean and open space. Start tying cluster by cluster with a nylon string.
  5. Once you’ve create a long string of balloons, slowly insert the long PVC pipe in between the balloons and ensure it’s in the middle all snug.
  6. When that’s completed, you can then assemble the balloon arch wherever it’s needed.
  7. Another option is to set up the arch first and then add cluster by cluster onto the arch. You can choose either way to create your balloon arch.

As you follow the tutorial, remember to have fun while making your own balloon arch for you event. Whether it’s for a special event for your store or even a party at home, it is sure to grab attention and is a great way to hold your celebrations!

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Here’s a look at some of the balloon arches we’ve made for special events and celebrations.


Balloon arch square


CNY Balloon Arch


Balloon Arch and columns

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