DIY Wonder Class: How to Use LED Lights With Your Balloons (LED Balloons)

What are LED Balloons?

The led balloons that we have here at Wonder Balloons are either balloons with LED lights inside of them or even bubble balloons with LED lights wrapped outside of them. These lights come in various colours which will go perfectly well when matching with the theme of your event.

LED Light Balls

LED balloon lights are perfect to use because you utilize them in balloons as well as floral arrangements and paper lanterns. This allows you to then increase the charm of your party and make the day more special and appealing.

As for the balloons recommended for these LED balloon light balls, transparent balloons with high quality of latex nature is used. These are non-toxic, durable and looks beautiful when the LED light inside is turned on. However, it is important to mention here that these balloons are to be inflated using balloons inflator pumps or electric inflators and that you should not blow the balloons using your mouth. We want to avoid any accidents or serious consequences.

The LED balloon lights with balloons come with holder sticks as well. You can place the LED by yourself too. From a budget point of view, the LED balloon lights are very economical and easy to use. They are safe in nature and a perfect addition to your balloons accessories. The best effect of LED balloon lights can be observed at night or in a darkened room.

Along with that, you can stick balloon dot tapes onto your balloons and stick these balloons to the ceiling. This will look incredible with the lights off.

Items you will need

Now that you have the items ready, have fun with the LED light balls as you set your design for your event!

LED Bubble Balloon

For the bubble balloon, the LED fairy/string light will certainly make it extra special and sparkly.

This LED Bubble Balloon comes either as a heart shape or round shape that can be inflated to about 18 inches. One important thing to note again is to not blow the balloon with your mouth. Always use either a hand pump or an electric pump.

The LED balloon lights that go along with this bubble balloon is 3m long which you can easily wrap around the balloon after inflating and tying it. You need two AA batteries for each string of lights (this is unfortunately not included in the package).

Items you will need

As you follow the tutorial, remember to have fun while making this LED Bubble Balloon. Present it as a special gift to someone especially with its gorgeous effect at night. Some things to take note is that it can last for a few days (but don’t leave the light on the whole time). What’s more, it’s great for indoor or outdoor use.


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