How Custom Printed Balloons Can Enhance your Brand Marketing

How Custom Printed Balloons Can Enhance your Brand Marketing

Why Balloons?

Balloons are the one of the most affordable and eye grabbing toys of all time. Since kids love them, companies cannot help but to use balloons in their promotions, branding and other on-ground events which attract large numbers of families with children. Latex balloons are also bio-degradable, which means after your use, they can decompose naturally within the environment leaving no negative impact.

Why Balloon Printing?

Since balloons are attention grabbers, they are the perfect tool for spreading your company’s message – At Wonder Balloons Printing Malaysia we can print your logo, invitation, promotion or any special message that you want to send out to the mass market.


Custom printed balloons are a great way to grab attention. More than just advertising your brand, it can direct attention to the bargains in your store, make your friends cheer at their birthday, add scenery to the wedding, or create an entrance to your shop.

Not only printed balloon grabs the attention of the masses, it is also one of the most affordable methods of advertising. Each customized printed balloon from Wonder Balloons can cost a mere MYR 0.2 if printed in volumes!


Why Wonder Balloons?

At  Custom Printed Balloons , section we professionally design & print your latex or foil balloons from sizes 12 inches (latex) up to 36 inches (latex) and any shape, colour and size of foil balloons.

We also offer a wide range of custom printed balloon options, such as one sided printing, two sided printing and so on. You can choose from a range of 30+ colors of standard, metallic, pearl or pastel colors of balloons. Our balloons used for balloon printing are made from the finest quality of Malaysian and Thailand latex rubbers and give your balloon advertisement the confidence and durability that every company requires from their balloon printing advertisement.

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