Helium Bubble Balloon

How to inflate the bubble balloon with helium

What is the Bubble Balloon?

The bubble balloon (or sometimes known as a Bobo balloon) is made of a clear, stretchy, plastic that turns into a nearly round shape when inflated. Furthermore, bubble balloons are long lasting and ideal for indoor and outdoor decor, because they are made of oxidising material.
It’s no wonder that bubble balloons are a favourite especially with the trend of gift giving using customised balloons.

Bubble Balloon

What is the air blow gun?

A blow gun consists of a nozzle, or tip, installed on a compressed air gun or line. On an air gun, the nozzle serves as a quick and efficient tool. This tool helps to inflate small latex balloons, bubble balloons and foil balloons. For this tutorial, it is especially helpful as we are inflating small latex balloons with helium gas inside the bubble balloon. Take a look at our tutorial video to better understand how to use the air blow gun.


Items you will need

Steps in inflating the bubble balloon with helium

  1. For this tutorial, we will first use an 18 inch bubble balloon.
  2. Next, using the electric pump, we will inflate the bubble balloon with regular air.
  3. Using the air blow gun that’s attached to our helium tank, start to inflate the 5 inch latex balloons with the blow gun first
  4. Go slow and point the tip of the blow gun away from the balloon to avoid any popping
  5. Inflate the 5 inch latex balloon to its right size then remove the blow gun and tie up the latex balloon
  6. Keep repeating these steps with all 6 latex balloons inside the bubble balloon
  7. After that, remove all the air from the bubble balloon
  8. You will then use the air blow gun to inflate the bubble balloon with helium gas. Be sure to point downward first and avoid touching any of the other balloons
  9. Then point upward as it is halfway inflated and keep inflating slowly till the bubble balloon is its right size
  10. Tie up your bubble balloon tightly and be sure to tie a ribbon with weights to it so that the bubble balloon won’t fly away


Helium Bubble Balloon


As you follow the tutorial, remember to go slow as you inflate the balloons using the blow gun. It will certainly require some practice but you’ll be able to get the hang of it in no time! Have fun as you get creative with your bubble balloon, creating special balloon decorations or gifts with it.

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