How to Make a Balloon Arch in easy steps – DIY Method


Looking for a last-minute décor idea that can oomph up any celebration, event, party or dinner? The balloon arch is just what you need to lighten up the event. Balloon arches are a great addition with an easy investment for any event. They look impressive and intricate but at the same time are easy and simple to make and is surely going to leave an amazing impression on your esteemed guests!

Since the balloon arch has a complicated look to it, people find it a challenging to make one themselves. But worry not! Here is a step by step guide about everything you need to know about how to make a balloon arch.

What are the things needed for the balloon arch?

Here is complete list of all the things required to construct a square balloon arch frame which are easily available and are also really easy on the pocket. The balloon arch kit includes the following items.

1.Colorful Balloons:

No party can possibly be complete without balloons. Balloons transform the basic and dull celebrations into grand and trendy ones. So fill up your cart with lots of balloons in the color and design of your choice which matches the theme of your party and looks aesthetic at the same time on a balloon arch.

2.Balloon Pump:

Blowing balloons by mouth is one option but in order to pick up pace an decorate in time for the party , it better if you invest in a balloon pump as it will help you inflate balloons quickly and will speed up the decoration process.

3.Fishing Line:

Fishing line can act as a balloon arch frame. Its better to get a clear one so that it is not visible when the balloon arch is assembled. How big you want your arch depends upon the length of the line.

4. Low temperature Glue gun:

The glue gun will be used to stick the balloons together to a square balloon arch frame. Be careful with it as the balloons may pop with the heat.

5. Decoration items:

Grab some flowers, disco balls, decorations items and other fancy things to boost the balloon inflatable arch to give a more sophisticated look.

6. Blunt Needle and a Thread:

A needle and a thread will be required to tie the balloons in groups of two to three in order to make clusters.

7.Inflatable Tape:

A balloon arch tape in hand is always safe if anything goes wrong.

8.Miscellanous Items (Scissor, Hooks, Nails and Hammer):

Keep your tool box nearby while starting the process of the inflatable arch. The auxiliary tools will aid you to prepare, cut, attach in the whole process and help you to set up the décor on a wooden plank or wall.

How to make Balloon arch?

The process of setting up a balloon arch may seem a daunting task but it’s quite simple and easy to make. Follow the step by step guidelines to construct a balloon arch.

Step 1: Plan the design you want.

Take a paper and pen and note down the basic idea your have in your mind regarding the arch. Transform that raw idea into the shape of the balloon arch that will work best for your party. Make it match with the theme of the party.

Step 2: Blow up the Balloons.

Once the shape is decided, grab on the balloon pump and start blowing balloons. Ask for help from the people around you, especially if you are blowing through mouth. Blow a fair number of balloons! Keep in mind to blow up an extra few in order to accommodate the ones that pop.

Blow up the balloons in different sizes to give it a staggering look and variety.

Step 3: Thread the fishing line.

Depending on the size of your fishing line you chose, tie the fishing line to the end of the needle and secure it with a traditional knot.

Step 4: Tie up the balloons

After threading the fishing line to the needle, pass the needle through the knot of an inflated balloon to tie them together down the line. Be careful while doing this step to avoid pricking your finger. Keep in mind the color palette if there are more than one colored balloons.

Step 5: Slide them down.

Once a fair number of balloons are threaded to the fishing line, slide all the balloons down the line. Opt for balloons in different color and varying sizes to add them to the line to give contrast to the square balloon arch frame.

Step 6: Cut the end of the fishing line.

Check the size and shape of the balloon arch. Once the desired shape and size is achieved tie a knot at the end of the fishing line and cut it off.

Step 7: Set the arch up.

Set up the balloon inflatable arch frame to the wall or area where it is to be put up. Put up hooks, screws or nails in the shape of the arch desired. It can be a regular shape or free floating. Both look equally stunning, just see what goes with the overall theme and ambiance of the event.

Step 8: Secure it with glue gun.

Using your low temperature glue gun, create a fuller arch and fill in any holes with smaller balloons. The main reason to use a low temperature glue gun is to avoid popping balloons.

Step 9: Add the final touch

After the arch is set up, add some flowers, foliage and other decorative items to finish off the look for the Balloon arch frame. This step is crucial in order to give the arch layers and a variety of textures.

Once you have created the balloon arch, it’s time to showcase the masterpiece in a place where it is going to be the limelight of the party. The balloon arch can be placed near the entrance, close to fireplace, near the gift table or be treated as a photobooth backdrop. The options are endless, so just be creative!

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