How to make a Balloon Cloud

How to make a Balloon Cloud

The Balloon Cloud

What’s something that looks soft and makes a good decoration for your special event? A favourite especially for baby showers, themed birthday parties or Spring-like decorations is the balloon cloud!

What should I know about the balloon cloud?

Surely you’ve spotted these balloon clouds on Pinterest boards and wonder if you’d need to hire a professional to make them. This is why for our DIY Wonder Class, the focus is on how simple it is to create a balloon cloud. These larger-than-life cloud of balloons comes in various sizes that makes a beautiful addition or backdrop for any baby shower, bridal shower or other celebrations.



Items you will need to make your own balloon cloud

Now that you have the items ready, let’s go through the steps into making your own balloon cloud

Steps to making your own balloon cloud

  1. First, depending on the size of the design, prepare white or even macaron latex balloons
  2. This tutorial will be using 20 pieces of 12 inch white latex balloons
  3. Inflate 4 pieces of the latex balloons sized at 7 inches to make one cluster. Use a balloon sizer to size all the balloons
  4. Inflate 8 pieces of the latex balloons sized at 6 inches. Create two clusters with those 8 pieces
  5. Next, inflate 2 clusters of the 12 inch latex balloons sized at 5 inches
  6. For the 5 inch latex balloons, inflate about 2 clusters of them sized at 3 inches
  7. Arrange your balloons by tying them accordingly with a nylon fishing line or a modelling balloon
  8. Tie one 3 inch balloon cluster, followed by the 5 inch, next the 6 inch, 7 inch, 6 inch again, 5 inch again and lastly 3 inch cluster
  9. Remember to tie it as 3″, 5″, 6″, 7″, 6″, 5″, 3″
  10. Tie a long fishing line in between to hang up your balloon cloud or stick it to the wall
  11. Inflate additional balloons to fill in any gaps or to make it into different shapes
  12. Be creative and try it out with macaron colours too!




As you follow our tutorials, remember to have fun while making your own balloon decorations using the right balloon products from Wonder Balloons Malaysia. While it may be a struggle, it’s good to always practice and be creative when making these balloon decorations for a party at home or even for an event at a store.


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