How to make a Balloon Wall with Link-o-loon balloons

How to make a Balloon Wall with Link-o-loon balloons

The Link-o-Loon Balloon

Link-o-loon latex balloons will certainly make balloon decorations easier to set up. Whether it’s a balloon garland, a balloon arch or a balloon backdrop, the link-o-loon balloons are easy to tie and easy to set up. Learn how to make a balloon wall using the link-o-loon balloons!

What should I know about the link-o-loon balloon wall?

Firstly, the link-o-loon latex balloons can be inflated up to 10 inches. Any bigger than that will make the link-o-loon balloon prone to easily popping. If you think the link-o-loon balloon looks odd, it’s because each link-o-loon balloon has a tail and a nose to easily tie your balloons together once inflated. Link-o-loon latex balloons can be filled with helium gas but it is only needed to inflate them with normal air as this tutorial is for a balloon wall.




Items you will need to make your own balloon wall with link-o-loon balloons

Now that you have the items ready, let’s go through the steps into making your own balloon wall!

Steps to making your own balloon balloon wall with link-o-loon balloons

  1. First, decide on the desired colour and design of your balloon wall. You will need at least 40 pieces of link-o-loon latex balloons.
  2. Inflate all your link-o-loon latex balloon to about 10 inches but be sure that they are all sized equally.
  3. Tie your inflated link-o-loons together with 6 pieces per set. You’ll have a strand of 6 balloons.
  4. Make about 4 sets of those balloons to start off with (this depends on the size of your design).
  5. Inflate the 5 inch latex balloons as well and set them aside.
  6. Next, take two sets and align them side by side. Twist the bottom two balloons with each other and continue up the strand of balloons.
  7. If you’re not sure how it’s supposed to look like, you may refer to the image below or watch the tutorial video
  8. Once you’re done twisting the balloons together, you may stick on the 5 inch latex balloons using a balloon dot tape
  9. Don’t give up! Keep practicing and have fun too!







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