How to make a Balloon Weight

How to make a Balloon Weight

Balloon Weights

Do you have all your balloon decorations planned out for your special event? A key item you will certainly need for your balloon decoration whether it’s a mini balloon column, balloon marquee or even helium balloons, happens to be the balloon weight!

What should I know about balloon weights?

Firstly, balloon weights are an inexpensive way to ensure your balloon decorations stay upright and aren’t all over the place. It’s best to determine which balloon weight is suitable for your specific balloon decoration. Some examples of balloon weights are as listed below with images for your easy reference:


This image above is a single piece balloon ring weight. This is typically used for 1-2 latex helium balloons tied with a ribbon and onto the balloon ring weight.


This image above isn’t just for balloon water fights. It’s actually a balloon water weight that’s an inexpensive and simple way to keep your balloons staying upright. Just use the same colored latex balloon as your balloon decoration and tie it in between or towards the bottom of your balloon decoration.

This image is a foil balloon weight. It’s best used for tying a bunch of helium-filled balloons and ensuring they don’t fly away. Plus, it’s extra pretty and is a great add on to beautiful helium balloons.


Items you will need to make your own balloon weight

Now that you have the items ready, let’s go through the steps into making your own balloon weight

Steps to making your own balloon water weight

  1. First, simply hold the latex balloon tightly over a slow running tap (or water bottle).
  2. Fill the balloon to about 50g of water
  3. Use high quality latex balloons (available for purchase from Wonder Balloons) to ensure the balloons don’t easily burst.
  4. Tie up the latex balloon once it is filled as necessary



Steps to making your own foil balloon weight

  1. Firstly, you will need your weights. For our foil weights, we use ring weights available at Wonder Balloons
  2. Secondly, you may use foil tassels (also available at Wonder Balloons)
  3. Next gather a bunch of ring weights stacked up and tie it up with a piece of foil tassel
  4. Ensure the ends of the foil tassel is sticking out and tie it with a rubber band. Ensure it’s secure.


As you follow our tutorials, remember to have fun while making your own balloon decorations using the right balloon products from Wonder Balloons Malaysia. Whether it’s for a special event for your store or even a party at home, you can certainly get creative with balloons and more!


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