How to make a simple Balloon Marquee

How to make a simple Balloon Marquee

The Balloon Marquee

Did you know that there’s a way to be elegant and artistic with your balloon decorating skills? The Balloon Marquee or to some, the Balloon bouquet, is trending as one of the favourite types of balloon decoration.

What should I know about balloon marquees?

Firstly, balloon marquees come in a variety of colours and shapes. This unique creation combines skills in foil balloons, round latex balloons as well as modelling balloons. It is typically an air-filled design but there are some variations which will add helium balloons to the design as well. While it does require practice to create a good balloon marquee, it still is possible as you follow along to our simple tutorial.



Items you will need to make your own simple balloon marquee

Now that you have the items ready, let’s go through the steps into making your own simple balloon marquee!

Steps to making your own simple balloon marquee

  1. First, inflate your 12 inch latex balloons to about 9 inches (or use 10 inch latex balloons).
  2. Create 3 sets of 12 inch latex balloon clusters and also 3 sets of 7 inch latex balloon clusters.
  3. Tie a modelling balloon to the first 12 inch balloon cluster and tie it together with one 7 inch balloon cluster.
  4. Tie a 12 inch cluster, then a 7 inch cluster, then 12 inch, 7 and so forth to make your base.
  5. Next, inflate your foil balloons with a hand pump and tie a modelling balloon to the foil balloon
  6. Adjust where you want to place your foil balloons and tie it to the base securely.
  7. Include balloon water weights to your base to stabilise your marquee but be sure to use similar colours of balloons.
  8. Inflate small 5 inch latex balloons and stick them using the balloon dot tape to gaps of the base or wherever fits your design.





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