How to make Balloon Christmas Presents

How to make Balloon Christmas Presents

The Balloon Christmas Present

Looking for a great gift or decoration this Christmas? We’ve posted a blog on Wonder Balloons not too long ago on how to make a Balloon Christmas Tree. What’s a Christmas tree without presents to accompany it though.

What should I know about the balloon Christmas present?

Firstly, the balloon Christmas present doesn’t actually contain a gift inside but it is definitely pretty and makes a good addition for Christmas decoration and even gift giving. The balloon Christmas present isn’t difficult to make and is customisable as well.



Items you will need to make your own balloon Christmas present

Now that you have the items ready, let’s go through the steps into making your own balloon Christmas presents.

Steps to making your own balloon Christmas present

  1. First, prepare your 5 inch latex balloons.
  2. Inflate 8 pieces of 5 inch latex balloons by giving them 4 pumps per balloon. These will be 2 clusters.
  3. Next inflate 4 pieces of 5 inch latex balloons but give them 1 good pump. These will be 1 cluster.
  4. Use a fishing line to secure the bigger balloon cluster along with the smaller cluster then the bigger cluster right above.
  5. Inflate one or two modelling balloons but don’t inflate all the way.
  6. Place it at the bottom of the balloon cluster and wrap it around and twist the above.
  7. Use another one or two modelling balloons and twist it to make a bow.
  8. Keep making as many Christmas balloon presents as desired by repeating the same steps!




As you follow our tutorials, remember to have fun while making your own balloon decorations using the right balloon products from Wonder Balloons Malaysia. Whether it’s for a special event for your store or even a party at home, you can certainly get creative with balloons and more!


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