How to make Flat Balloons (Flower Petals)

How to make Flat Balloons (Flower Petals)

The Flower Petal Flat Balloon

Have you ever seen flat balloons instead of the normal round balloons? These flat balloons are especially seen in flowers made out of balloons and are definitely a growing trend nowadays. Be sure to follow along the tutorial video and our step-by-step instruction down below!

What should I know about balloon flower petals?

Firstly, the best type of balloons to use in making these balloon flower petals are chrome modelling latex balloons. This includes the 260Q chrome modelling latex balloon as well as the 12″ chrome latex balloon. Chrome latex balloons are sleek, shiny and durable so it will be easier to make these flat balloons especially used as flower petals.



Items you will need to make your own balloon flower petal

Now that you have the items ready, let’s go through the steps into making your own balloon flower petal (flat balloon).

Steps to making your own balloon flower petal

  1. First, take one piece of the 260Q modelling balloon and stretch it out a little.
  2. Next, fold the modelling balloon in half and insert the folded part into the 12″ chrome latex balloon.
  3. Be sure to insert the modelling balloon all the way to the end of the 12″ balloon but leave both ends of the modelling balloon sticking out.
  4. Take your hand pump and insert it into the 12″ latex balloon to inflate that first but again ensure both ends of the modelling balloon are still sticking out.
  5. Then, by holding on to both the 12″ balloon and the modelling balloon, inflate the modelling balloon with about 6 pumps or more if needed.
  6. Your modelling balloon should be curved inside the 12″ latex balloon.
  7. Tie up the ends of your modelling balloon (but not the 12″ latex balloon!)
  8. After that, gently release the air from your 12″ latex balloon and shape your modelling balloon to your desired design or shape.
  9. Once enough air is removed from the 12″ latex balloon, tie up your balloon and set aside.
  10. Finally, continue with the other balloons by repeating the same steps especially to create flower petal shapes
  11. If at first you don’t succeed, just try and try again! Practice makes perfect.

Images of the steps:

Insert the modelling balloon into the 12″ latex balloon


Inflate the modelling balloon after inflating the 12″ latex balloon


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