How to make your own BALLOON DROP

How to make your own BALLOON DROP

Everyone has had a chance to stand under confetti and feel special whether it’s a wedding, birthday, graduation or any such celebration. Now imagine instead of confetti, colorful balloons raining down on to you from all sides on your special event. How magical and delightful would that feel!

DIY Balloon drops can help you do that. These balloon drops have become the trendy version of confetti and you will be happy to know that they are extremely easy to make. Though they may seem rather complicated but actually the method to make a balloon drop is so simple that one can easily DIY at home and create a magical and unforgettable moment from it.

Balloon drops give a grand touch even to a small party thrown at home because of the impact it creates in front of the guests and invitees. There are a lot of ways in which you can use balloon drops to tone up your party, for example by hiding gift vouches inside balloons or inserting small love notes or good memories you want to recall. With DIY balloon drops you can be as creative as you like.

Balloon drops are a hit for another reason too! That’s because it is an affordable and pocket friendly solution to oomph up your party or celebration. Instead of investing in unsustainable and expensive decoration items, it is totally worth to spend on a balloon drop because of the thrill and fun that follows it.

Balloon drops are trouble-free and effortless to make. Follow the steps below to make your very own balloon drop at home.

Things you will need to make a balloon drop

Balloons: Determine the quantity of the balloons you will need for your drop. Use lots of balloons with different shapes, colors and sizes to add contrast and variety.

Balloon Pump: This speeds up the process of blowing balloons. You will be able to inflate more balloons in less time and effort.

Net or Light Fabric: The net or fabric would be used to contain the balloons before the drop. Determine the size of the net or fabric beforehand so that it is able to hold all of the balloons.

Tape: For attaching the net or fabric at the position you have decided where the balloon drop is planned.

Ladder or Step Stool: Depending on what height you are planning to install the fabric for balloon drop, ladder or step stool will facilitate the whole process of making a balloon drop.

Fan or blower: The fan or blower helps in filling the net or fabric as it pushes back the inflated balloons and prevents them from falling out.

Anti-Static Spray: If you belong to a place with low humidity then this spray will prevent balloons from sticking due to static electricity and enhance the drop.

Optional Items: You can use confetti, flowers, curled ribbons etc and other such accessories to bring more colors to your balloons drop.

Step by step guide to make a balloon drop

1. Blow up the balloons

In order to make a balloon drop it is necessary to blow up the balloons you have purchased. Use a balloon pump to inflate the balloons or blow it by mouth is your choice.

2. Straighten out the net or fabric

Along with inflating the balloons, layout the net or fabric and stretch it out flat. This will give you a fair idea of how many can balloons it will be able to hold. You can then adjust the balloon count according to that.

3. Tape the net or fabric to the ceiling

Now use the tape to attach the net or fabric to the ceiling or any place you have designated for the balloon drop. Attach the corners and sides of the net or fabric securely with ample space in the centre where the balloons will come. Leave one end open from where you can put the balloons inside.
If you are using pre-strung net, you can un-zip it to keep the balloons inside for the balloon drop.

4. Setting the fan

Set up the fan or blower in such a way that it helps in pushing back the balloons off the space created by the net or fabric. This will prevent the balloons from falling out and also make space for more balloons.

5. Add optional items

Put in the extra accessories in along with the balloons to create that extra effect. You can put in flowers, confetti, candies, love notes etc. Think creatively for sky is the limit here.

6. Seal it up

Once you are done with placing the balloons, temporary seal the side and attach a string there which will be pulled later for balloon release.
For pre strung net, zip the net after you have put the balloons.

7. All done!

Now all you have to do is just pull the string for the balloon drop to create the magical and thrilling moment.

The balloon drop is bound to make your event a hit with the magic and surreal vibe it creates. Adults are for sure going to feel delighted and kids will feel the thrill and excitement. The balloon drop will make sure your guests leave impressed by the decoration skills and techniques and make your event memorable and hard to forget. So have fun creating the DIY balloon drop in the next event you host!

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