How to use a Balloon Grid

How to use a Balloon Grid

The Balloon Grid

Have you ever noticed how some balloon decorations seem to have such perfectly sized and aligned balloons? Perhaps you’ve wondered how you could make one yourself? Well, Wonder Balloons Malaysia has a particular item you’d definitely be interested in which is the balloon grid! The balloon grid is an affordable and light weight expandable frame for various mural designs. Easily learn how to use the balloon grid with the help of a few items we have here at Wonder Balloons!

What should I know about the balloon grid?

Firstly, the DIY Balloon Grid from Wonder Balloons will make even first time balloon artists/designers feel like professionals. By choosing the appropriate size of balloon grid frames, you can easily create the design you’d like for your event. These durable plastic frames are easy to attach and detach allowing you to easily fill in your latex balloons through the grid holes.


9 hole grid



Items you will need

Now that you have the items ready, let’s go through the steps in creating a simple balloon wall using the balloon grid!

Steps to create a balloon wall with the balloon grid

  1. Firstly is to prepare the design you intend for your balloon wall
  2. Assemble the balloon grid frames according to your design (They are easy to attach and detach!)
  3. Next, inflate your latex balloons according to their appropriate size
  4. To get equally sized latex balloons, use the balloon sizer to measure them
  5. Inflate the number of latex balloons you intend to use and tie each one individually
  6. Once all balloons are inflated and tied up, start to insert them slowly through the grid holes
  7. Make sure your balloons aren’t too small or too big (not too loose or too tight)
  8. Once you’ve filled up all the grid holes, you can hang your balloon wall up!

As you follow the tutorial, remember to have fun while making your own balloon wall using the balloon grid from Wonder Balloons Malaysia. Whether it’s for a special event for your store or even a party at home, it is certainly a great way to hold your celebrations!




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