How to Use a Balloon Sizer to Measure Your Balloons

What is a Balloon Sizer?

Have you ever had trouble inflating balloons for a particular decoration and then realised, they were not equally sized? Perhaps you wear making a balloon column and noticed some of the balloons looked bigger than the others. This is where you’ll need a special item called the balloon sizer!
The balloon sizer sold at Wonder Balloons is an essential balloon measurement tool for festive balloon decoration that happens to be foldable, stable, and easy to carry. The balloon sizer has numerous measurement sizes from 3″ up to 12″ so that you can size inflated balloons equally. So in short, the balloon sizer is a plastic box with circular cut outs corresponding to a variety of balloon sizes.

How do you use a Balloon Sizer?

Firstly, you will need to know what size of balloons you plan to inflate. Say that you have an a birthday celebration coming up. You plan to make clusters of balloons all sized at 4″ wide for the decoration. Simply take your latex balloon, inflate it to an appropriate size and insert it into the measurement slot showing 4″.
The key to know that it’s the right size, the balloon has to slide through (not easily with gaps at the side, and it’s not too snug to slide through). The same will apply to any of the other balloon sizes.
As you measure balloons accordingly through the sizer, you’ll notice how easy it is to use with equally sized balloons!



For a better visual understanding of this, tune in and follow our DIY Wonder Class tutorial below on how to use the balloon sizer from Wonder Balloons. No matter the type of balloon sizer, the measurement is the same.


Items you will need


As you follow the tutorial, remember to have fun while inflating latex balloons for any particular event. Whether it’s creating balloon arches or balloon columns, perhaps even small simple decorations, you will certainly create amazing looking and equally sized balloons with the balloon sizer!



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