Light up your Diwali Celebration with Balloons

Light up your Diwali Celebration with Balloons

Ah, Diwali or otherwise Deepavali (in Malaysia) is a very important celebration to the Hindus. So how can we tie Diwali decor with balloons? We’ll explain just how.

What is Diwali/Deepavali?

In case you’ve never heard of it or you’re not to sure what the festival is all about, Diwali is basically India’s biggest and most important holiday of the year. The name of this special festival comes from the words “avaliwhich means row and “deepa” which means clay lamps. These happen to be the clay lamps that Indians would light outside their homes as a symbolism of the inner light that protects one from spiritual darkness. Like how Christmas is to Christians or Chinese New Year is to the Chinese, Deepavali certainly is a special and joyous occasion filled with light to the Indians.



How is it celebrated?

Well, this special festival is typically celebrated over five days.

Day 1: The day when people will be cleaning their homes and shopping for gold or kitchen utensils that will help bring good fortune to them.

Day 2: This is when they will decorate their homes with clay lamps and create design patterns called rangoli on the floor. This is typically done by using colored rice or colored sand.

Day 3: The main day of the festival when families gather together for their prayer to the Goddess Lakshmi and start their feasts and firework festivities.

Day 4: First day of the new year. Typically when friends and relatives visit with gifts along with best wishes for the season.

Day 5: Brothers would visit their married sisters who then welcome them with lavish meals and love.



For such a joyous occasion, it certainly ties in well with joyous and lavish decorations to this festival of lights. This is why we recommend you getting creative with your décor at home especially using balloons combined with lights.

So how should we celebrate with Balloons?

We’re glad you asked. Who would have thought balloons would go well into this occasion? We’ll be happy to show you how you can get creative.

Because the festival is all about lights, candles lit up with certainly be the main focus but how about including some LED strip lights along the way. The more lights, the brighter the décor will be (it’s punny but true)!

Take for example this picture right here. As you string your lights around the temple or even your house, it will certainly be a pretty sight to see.



Where to get those lights? Just click right here to view the products at Wonder Balloons Malaysia! You can select the color you want and whether you want the lights as long as 3 meters or even 10 meters long.

These lights can be draped around the house or even around your balloons. Here’s an example of draping the LED light around your balloon.



What else can you do?

There’s so much more you can do. From creating balloon columns to balloon arches, having helium inflated balloons around, we also think you should try including LED balls into your balloon.

LED balls? What?

Let’s show you what we’re talking about



Pretty right? That’s what happens when you insert LED balls into your balloons as you inflate them with helium or use regular air-filled balloons and just stick them to the ceiling. It makes everything look that much more spectacular and we’re sure you and your guests would love it too!

Just click right here to get your own LED light balls from us at Wonder Balloons.

And if you’re not too sure how to do that, we are one step ahead of you. We’re happy to provide the tutorial to the LED light ball by clicking right here to go straight to our tutorial on YouTube. The steps are indeed simple and there’s nothing to it other than using regular latex balloons and the LED light ball. You’ll be a pro in no time!

For another idea on your décor, we recommend that you string your balloons to create a nice look for the special occasion. Here’s an example of the linking balloons draped from the ceiling to give you a clearer idea of what we mean.



You can also find those balloons by clicking right here. Get your own linking balloons and start decorating.

So whatever the design, remember that there’s always so much you can do just with balloons, lights and a little creativity. 

Don’t forget to spend your special holiday with us at Wonder Balloons Malaysia who are always ready to assist you with your balloon needs.

Stay safe everyone! Happy Deepavali!


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