What is a Modelling Balloon or Twisting Balloon?

What is a Modelling Balloon or Twisting Balloon?

The Modelling Balloon

Balloons come in various shapes and sizes. From the common round latex balloon to clear see-through bubble balloons and shiny foil balloons, there are numerous varieties to choose from. However, did you know that there’s a common type of balloon that comes in various shapes and designs? These shapes and designs vary as one learns to twist, model and sculpt the modelling balloon.


Contrary to popular belief, modelling balloons (or twisting balloons as some call it) is not just used by clowns for birthday parties. These balloons are so much more than to be used at celebrations for little children or kids. Balloon modelling is the art of creating amazing shapes and sculptures using these modelling balloons. From shapes of an animal to characters and objects that one recognises, the possibilities are endless.


What is a 260Q or 160Q Modelling Balloon?

260Q? 160Q? What’s that? You’re probably wondering if this is a secret code for the balloon. However, the modelling balloon is called either 260Q or 160Q because that happens to be the measurement of the balloon when inflated.
260 is 2 inches in diameter and 60 inches long when inflated.
160Q balloons are 1 inch in diameter and 60 inches long when inflated.
These just happen to be names of the sizes but it’s good to keep in mind what they mean when you’re shopping for modelling balloons and looking for particular sizes.

Remember, balloon modelling is not an easy skill to develop but when you start with the basics, you’ll get the hang of it!



DIY Wonder Class: Modelling Balloon Basics

If you’ve taken an interest into the modelling or twisting balloon, you will certainly need to start by learning the basics. This is where our DIY Wonder Class video will guide you as you begin.

Items you will need

Now that the items are ready, let’s go through the steps in inflating and creating a simple twisting or modelling balloon shape.

Steps to create a simple modelling balloon shape:

  1. Pick the modelling balloon of choice. We’re using a chrome 260Q balloon from Wonder Balloons for ours. (Good quality matters)
  2. A simple hand pump with a small nozzle tip is good to inflate the modelling balloon. Be sure to insert that into the modelling balloon valve.
  3. A tip to remember is never to fully inflate the modelling balloon. Always leave space at the tip or the balloon will burst when you twist it. Typically the width of a hand
  4. After inflating the balloon, tie a knot. You can also squeeze the balloon gently throughout to ensure it’s not too tight.
  5. Starting from the knotted end, make a bubble about 3 fingers wide. You will do this by twisting it to a particular direction. Don’t let go.
  6. Make two more bubbles that are the same size. Don’t let go of the twists and be sure to twist it all in the same direction.
  7. These will be the face and ears. You will twist the ears together by pinching them at their base and twisting.



Well there you have it! These are the basics for twisting the modelling balloon. We’re sure you’ll have fun as this is a great way to get creative with balloons. Just be sure to try it out yourself by purchasing for all your balloon needs online with us at Wonder Balloons.

Remember to follow more tutorials of our DIY Wonder Class at Wonder Balloons and purchase from our shop online. Have fun!



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