What is the Helium Gel?

Have you heard of the Helium Gel before?

The Helium Gel is firstly a clear liquid solution that keeps your helium latex balloons afloat & fresh, longer than its durability! The liquid is filled into a deflated latex balloon, coating it to hold the helium in.
This is after its inflated with gas. Besides being convenient and easy to use, the gel is completely safe, non-toxic and biodegradable.

Wonder Float Helium Gel from Wonder Balloons

Perhaps you’ve heard of the famous Hi Float Gel especially popular in Western countries. However, for us here in Asia, we’re introducing you to the Wonder Float Helium Gel from Wonder Balloons. Not only is this easier to acquire in Asia, it’s just as good as the Hi Float and for a much cheaper price!




How do I use the Wonder Float Helium Gel?

If you’ve purchased the Wonder Float Helium Gel from us or want to purchase one, you’ll realise how easy it is to use. All that’s needed is

  1. First remove the red cap from the bottle and securely attach the clear nozzle that’s either in the box or strapped to the bottle.
  2. Insert your latex balloon onto the clear nozzle and give a good pump. Ensure the gel is at the bottom of the balloon.
  3. Remove the balloon from the nozzle and rub the gel solution around the balloon (avoiding the neck area).
  4. Ensure the solution is spread evenly. You won’t need to much of the gel for a 12″ latex balloon as 1-2 pumps is enough per balloon.
  5. Inflate your balloon with helium.
  6. Clean off your nozzle and store the helium gel away.


Read our blog post here to learn how to use the helium gel for your latex helium balloons. If you’re more of a visual learner, a video to our DIY Wonder Class tutorial is also provided on the post for your easy reference.

To learn how to use the helium gel for bubble balloons and stick confetti, you can read our blog post right here as well. Trust us when we say it’s simple to follow along!


Where can I get the Wonder Float Helium Gel?

In this new digital age, online shopping has made things convenient for us to purchase what we need. Wonder Balloons has ensured to be available on e-commerce platforms here in Malaysia such as Shopee and Lazada. Our website is also easily available to purchase from.

Alternatively, you may also choose to purchase packages like the helium tank with the helium gel that’s available at Wonder Balloons as well.

Here’s a short clip to how to use the helium gel with confetti for your clear latex balloon! Have fun with the Wonder Float Helium Gel from Wonder Balloons!


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