Latex Balloons

Helium-filled, flexible balloon material of top-notch quality in multiple color options. We divide them in plain and printed categories.

Wide range of shapes and sizes

Wonder Balloons, latex balloons are available in a large variety of shapes and size which includes the round latex balloons, heart-shaped balloons, link-o-loon balloons, modelling balloons. Link-O-Loons has a neck and a tail at the opposite end of the balloons. This makes tying the balloons together easy. You can fill them with helium to make an arch, or fill them with air and hang them from the ceiling, it can be used to make unique designs. The sizes available in BK heart-shaped and round latex balloons varies from 6” and 12”.  There are Sempertex balloon 36” giant party balloons. Latex balloons packages are available in a pack of 50 pieces and 100 pieces. 

An extensive variety of colors

These helium latex balloons come in extensive striking and light, attractive colours in both plain and printed form which make your event an exciting one. The stock available in plain latex balloons are full of plain colors light, dark or shiny and printed variety includes polka dots balloons, happy birthday printed to sparkling and I love you heart-shaped balloons in a wide variety of color range. Unique safari prints on latex balloons are also offered.


One of the nice benefits of Latex balloons is that these can be filled with air, helium gas, water or any suitable liquid of your choice. Helium gas is suitable if you want floating balloons.  

High quality and eco-friendly

Looking for balloons to make your event a spectacular one? Here, Wonder Balloons presents balloons made from 100% latex without any substituent used during manufacturing, which helps to maintain its perfect elasticity and strength for a longer time, making your event an attractive one. The cheap helium balloons made from latex are one of the affordable and hence, an excellent choice as all of your events requires a large number of balloons at a time, so Wonder Balloons offers you reasonable latex balloon prices. These balloons come in a wide variety of colors, shapes, and sizes, so now you can shop the latex balloon according to your choice of décor and theme of the event. These latex balloons can be used in various events like birthday parties, engagements, anniversary parties, pool parties, retirement parties and many more. Wonder Balloon supplies are of the highest quality in Malaysia.

Latex balloons offered by Wonder Balloons are the finest quality balloons to give your event a striking look and can float up to 12 hours. To extend the timing of floating of latex balloons, the use of hi-float treatment is recommended. As these cheap helium balloons are made from 100% latex that’s why they are environment-friendly.

Shop your party balloons or other balloon accessories here at Wonder Balloon or call us for your party décor. We are just one call away to make your event a memorable one with a marvel balloon decoration in the way you want!