Wonder Balloons is Malaysia's number one wholesale supplier for balloon helium gas. If you’re holding an event in Klang Valley area, we have a cylinder that will suit your requirements and budget.

Our Disposable cylinders are great to buy for smaller events, whilst our Helium Filling service is the best option for those needing to inflate large quantity of balloons.

We can deliver direct to your door or you can collect from our Shop in Klang, ensuring a convenient and hassle free service.

Balloon Decorations are very popular for parties, weddings, promotions and creating seasonal atmosphere! Our imaginative Balloon Decoration Service brings up magnificence to any party, corporate event or a special occasion.

Wonder Balloons is one of the Leading Personalised Balloon Printers and Suppliers of Wholesale Printed Balloons in Malaysia Personalised or custom printed balloons gives you an opportunity to display and promote your company identity, may it be a special corporate event or a thoughtfully planned themed party. We use state of the art Balloon printing machines to ensure ultra high printing quality.

To get an estimated quote for your balloon printing order, please try our "Get Balloon Printing Quote" tool.

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